New York – Local residents flocked to polling stations to vote, today.  Download your iPhone and Droid apps to follow all the action.  I mean, there won’t actually be anything to report until pretty late at night, but we’ll try to make it sound like today is a huge news day by telling you all the same things we’ve been telling you for the last four months.

For example, a poll that came out five days ago, that we reported on five days ago and discussed with “experts” every day since, is really being put to the test today.   Do you see?  It’s news today that we’ve talking about the thing that is happening.

Tune in to The Scallion News Network for live, up to the minute coverage of breaking news all day.  It’s a very big news day!  Just check out our Twitter feed, which is really just us retweeting messages our viewers are sending us, saying things like “voting in Biloxi!” and “just voted!” and “waiting in line to vote.”

Oh, man, what a big news day it is today.  Really big.  Stay tuned.