New York – Columbia University, an original member of the Ivy League, thinks it’s too good to admit some people to its graduate program in Communication in the School of Journalism.  It thinks it’s so great, just because it’s in New York, and everybody wants to go there, just because they’re the ones who give out Pulitzer Prizes.  They’re all like, “More Nobel Prize winners (78) are affiliated with our university than with any other organization in the world, not to mention four presidents and nine Supreme Court Justices.”

The Journalism building is named after Joseph Pulitzer!  Come on!

The Journalism building is named after Joseph Pulitzer! Come on!

Reports indicate that I didn’t want to go there, anyway.  I mean, who needs all those snobs?  I’d rather go to my fifth choice school.  Nope.  Not Berkeley or Brown or NYU, either.  They all think they’re so great.  Who needs them? – sources say.

Seriously, though, visit the campus.  It is a truly beautiful site.

Ahem, sources say I’m not bitter and don’t regret my own failure to be interested in education much earlier in life.  Study hard, kids, and don’t waste your time playing baseball all summer.  You’re not going to make the major leagues, anyway.  Oh, and a state education seems like a good idea because it’s cheap, but come on, you can do better than that.  At least go to a UC for your undergrad.  A CSU?  Really?  A CSU?  Come on!