Obama, Michael Bennet to destroy everything you love.

Boulder – According to Tea Party-backed senate candidate Ken Buck, a vote for incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet is a vote against the World Series.  Buck has heavily criticized Bennet’s support of the Obama agenda during the campaign, a fact Bennet has never denied.  In a speech before the  local VFW in Boulder, Wednesday, Buck told voters, “My opponent has supported Obama Care, the bailout, and raising taxes time and again.  You know he’s going to support Obama’s plan to outlaw The World Series if he’s reelected.”

One audience member was quoted as saying, “That damn Obama.  First he raises taxes, and then he cancels the World Series.  What is this world coming to?”

The Bennet campaign released a statement in response, but nobody in the audience read it, so as far as they know Michael Bennet wants to raise taxes on everyone and cancel the World Series.